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Hi, My name is Irene Owens. My greatest passion in life is Art. I love drawing portraits, painting whimsical pictures and illustrating for children. I also collect children's books and hope to one day get one of my own picture books published. I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my prints, hand painted pendants and mirrors. In this blog you will find artists that inspire me, brilliant handmade creations and my own art. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lisbeth Zwerger

Lisbeth Zwerger is one of my favorite illustrators of all time. I adore her use of color and line, the old fashioned feel to her work. Her art is full of charm, romance and humor.
As a young art student in Vienna in the 70s, Lisbeth freely told others that she wanted to illustrate books. She has been warned about difficulties involved in finding work, and criticized for not being modern enough. Discouraged, confused, not knowing which direction her work should take, she gave up drawing for a while. One day she saw illustrations by Arthur Rackham and something just clicked, she felt inspired to illustrate again. She, in turn, has become my inspiration when I had a dry spell a few years ago. Have a look at this collection of Lisbeth's illustrations, aren't they amazing?

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