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Hi, My name is Irene Owens. My greatest passion in life is Art. I love drawing portraits, painting whimsical pictures and illustrating for children. I also collect children's books and hope to one day get one of my own picture books published. I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my prints, hand painted pendants and mirrors. In this blog you will find artists that inspire me, brilliant handmade creations and my own art. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Marie Desbons

On this gray winter day I crave some color... Lots of color! Is anybody else in need of brightening up their day?

These yummy bright illustrations from Marie Desbons will surely do the trick :)

Marie's blog


  1. WOW!!! Every time you amaze me!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these--and I really liked the Monge post. Good to discover artists who are new to me.

  3. Elina, I'm so glad you like my selection :) But it's the artists that are amazing, I'm only showing off their art ;-p