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Hi, My name is Irene Owens. My greatest passion in life is Art. I love drawing portraits, painting whimsical pictures and illustrating for children. I also collect children's books and hope to one day get one of my own picture books published. I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my prints, hand painted pendants and mirrors. In this blog you will find artists that inspire me, brilliant handmade creations and my own art. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Nursery Decor - ideas to brighten up your Nursery

As a mum to a nine month old boy, I am always trying to think of ways to stimulate him, make him laugh and assist with his learning.

Sleeping alone can be a scary thing for a baby so it is important to make your nursery a fun and happy place to be. I wanted to share my nursery decor ideas with you and hope you will find them inspiring. All items are handmade and are available on Etsy.

I love this dreamy crib mobile, such pretty soft colors, shapes and textures. Available from LoveFeltXoXo at $85.00

This is one of my very own hand painted nursery mirrors  'Story Time', which is available from TinyRed at around $55.00

This whimsical birdhouse wall lamp would make a fantastic addition to any nursery. Sold here moderntreetopbaby at $110.00

A nice sturdy book shelf is a must! The cute owls make this shelf extra special. Available from MapleShadeKids at $69.00

I love this print, it's so simple, delicate and pretty. Sold here DesignByMaya at $17.00

And of course, you've got to have cute toys! I simply adore this little bunny. Sold here TextilePlatypus at $18.00


  1. It is a pleasure to see my little bunny in such a good company! and a little mystery that I knew about this post when I just finished making felt for a made to order litter of little bunnies like this one, that are intended to be part of a mobile for a nursery :)

    Thanks a lot, Irene, for featuring my work, and have a wonderful 1012.

  2. @Cristina, you're welcome. I love your work and wish you a very successful 2012

  3. Such wonderful choices to add a special touch to a nursery. Thanks so much Irene for including my Owl Shelf. Enjoy your special moments with your little boy :) Warmest Regards, Wanda